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“You have allowed me to not feel so confined during the
quarantine, for that I owe you!” — Brad.

  • Adult Friends – Stories about Adult Friendships that become Relationships
  • Adult Youth – Stories about Cross-Generational Relationships
  • Athletics – Stories involving Athletics, Gyms, Sports, and Athletes
  • Authoritarian – Stories involving Bondage, Control, S&M, and authority figures
  • Beginnings – Stories about Budding Adult Relationships between Strangers
  • Camping – Stories involving Camping and the Outdoors
  • Celebrity – Fantasies about Celebrities, Fan Fiction, Slash Fiction
  • College – Stories involving Colleges, Universities, and Fraternities
  • Encounters – Stories about Fleeting Adult Encounters and One Night Stands
  • First Time – Collection of Stories about First Time Experiences from a BBS
  • High School
    Stories involving High School-aged Students
  • Historical – Stories set in the non-Recent Past
  • Incest – Stories about Relationships among Siblings and other Family Members
  • Interracial – Stories involving People of Different Ethnicities
  • Masturbation – Stories about Masturbation and Solitary Exploration
  • Military – Stories involving the Military and Armed Services
  • No Sex – Stories involing Erotic (possibly Fetish) but Non-Sexual Activities
  • Non-English – Stories written in a language other than English (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Relationships – Stories about Continuing Adult Relationships
  • Rural – Stories set in Rural or Rustic Locales
  • Science Fiction or Fantasy – Stories involving Science Fiction or Fantasy
  • Urination – Stories in which Urination or Raunch is a Primary Plot Element
  • Young Friends – Stories about Friendships and Relationships among Kids

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