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Published:Friday | June 4, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I am of the opinion that fans and well-wishers of the Reggae Boyz should wish them well, as the team moves into competition mode, to challenge for supremacy in the Gold Cup later in the year, and in the World Cup finals in 2022 in Qatar.

Jamaica’s football is at a most exciting time in its history, with quality and talented players. But big names mean nothing unless they are well prepared. This would take hours of practising together, working through all conditions, in order to develop chemistry and understanding between the players that is vital for team performance.

I think the Reggae Boyz have been lacking in some areas which need to be looked into: (a) not enough practice matches

as a unit, (b) no real core of players have been trained or developed to form the backbone/foundation of the team, (c ) the continuous addition of new players.

Of course, our universities, businesses and the Government have vital roles to play to ensure the success of football – they need to be encouraged to view and recognise the game of football as a business, capable of significantly contributing to the country’s GDP.

The ball is in the court of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) to successfully amalgamate local players with the foreign-based players and build a strong team.

I am encouraged by the recent steps taken by the JFF in moving the game into a professional direction. With all hands on deck, all things can be achieved.


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