Gloryhole – Official site of interracial glory hole and anonymous sex. A Dogfart production.


A true gloryhole is…

There are so many definitions on the web explaining what a gloryhole is. It’s quite simple. A gloryhole is a hole in a partition, usually a bathroom stall, for a man to stick his dick into and get sucked off by a stranger. What started primarily as a bathroom scenario has now popped up in adult book stores, office cubicles, swingers clubs and the mainstream media.

Are Gloryholes real?

The short answer is yes. They do exist, but their locations are usually secrets that people-in-the-know aren’t willing to share. Our gloryhole locations are indeed, real. We’ve had to change locations over the years because people find us and list our holes on forums and on Craigslist. As real gloryholes get saturated with action, they get used up, shut down and become part of the “gloryhole legend”.

Anonymous Interracial Sex

Dogfart and all the sites that are part of the Dogfart specialize in interracial movies. Nothing is better than watching a white girl worship a big black

cock. When we scouted out our first gloryholes, we noticed that it was primarily a “white” fetish. We put out the word that there were hot caucasian women looking for anonymous black cock. Before you knew it, we had some of the biggest black dicks showing up at our secret gloryhole locations. Too bad we didn’t know who they were, we would have paid top $$$ to book them for one of the other sites in the DogfartNetwork!

Can you tell me where to find a ghole?

Sadly, no. We’d have all sorts of heat on our asses if we did. Plus, we’d ruin our secret gholes. We’ve given out locations in the past and they end up getting shut down in minutes. You can enjoy all of the action by signing up and watching our library of over 4866 IR movies. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.Check out what it’s like being a member

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