Glory, Texas, Lamar County.


History in
a Pecan Shell

Established in
1880, well before its neighbor Taylor
, the name was supposedly furnished by postal authorities
after hearing a glowing description of the place by the store owner
who had requested the name Richland. A post office opened in
1881, although it closed in 1915.

Glory, with a population of 150 in 1884, could also boast three gristmills,
a store, and a blacksmith.

By 1890 the population had dropped to only 25 but it rebounded to
its former population by 1914. In the 1930s Glory had residences lining
the main street, a school and even three hotels. At least 100 residents
lived in Glory until 1950 when it dropped by half.

Glory remains on the TxDoT detailed map of Lamar

with two cemeteries nearby. One named Friendship and one un-named.

Lamar County Texas 1920s map
1920s map showing Glory
South of Paris
From Texas state map #10749
Texas General Land Office


Letter from
a Former Resident:

I’m from Paris, Texas. Well
I was born there, but my formative years were spent on the outskirts
of Paris in Taylor
. Down the street was Glory, Texas. My family had an old general
store in Taylor Town called Gordon
Mart (now closed)…now all that is left is a cemetery where a few
of my relatives are buried.

Glory is less than a mile from the Taylor
area and I think all that is left there are houses and a
church my grandfather attends.

These two towns were an important part in my family heritage, and
to have them added to your site would mean the world to me. I don’t
want them to be lost forever. Thank you. – Heather Gordon, December
29, 2004

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