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Gloria the Glittering


Actress (Formerly)


Red Carpet Diaries

First Appearance

Book 1, Chapter 1

Gloria, a character in the Red Carpet Diaries series, is one of Your Character’s neighbors in Book 1. She is also a former actress. She makes her first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Gloria has green eyes, fair skin, and gray hair peeking out beneath a purple head wrap. She wears a brown cardigan over a rose blouse, large pearl earrings, and two beaded necklaces.


Gloria is described as calm, kind-hearted and wise. When she talks about her acting career, she tells you she made a lot of mistakes in the past and how it caused her friendships to be ruined. She has good faith in the MC being famous and guides and helps her in both wisdom and advice when needed. Because of her great acting skills, she was willing to help the MC to escape and make up for her mistakes with her fellow friends and actor colleagues by feigning that one of the present reporters “killed her beloved”.


Red Carpet Diaries

Book 1

  • Chapter 1: Hello, Hollywood!
  • Chapter 4: Heroes and Hustlers
  • Chapter 8: The Long Con
  • Chapter 9: What Stays In Vegas
  • Chapter 13: Rock Bottom
  • Chapter 16: The Big Premiere

Book 2

  • Chapter 10: Fired-storm

Book 3

  • Chapter 16: The Premiere
  • Chapter 17: The Wedding


Your Character

Your Character is one of Gloria’s neighbors in Book

1. Upon first meeting her, Gloria senses Your Character’s star quality through her aura.

Seth Levine

Seth is one of Gloria’s neighbors.

Laurel O’Hara

Laurel was her best friend and her co-star in several of her movies, including Four to Tango. They were like sisters until fame went over Gloria’s head. Gloria canceled their next movie and Laurel retired from acting and went back to their hometown. Gloria was too proud to apologize, and when Laurel died in a traffic accident, it was too late.

Joseph “Joey” McCarthy

Gloria tells you in Book 2 that she used to date Joseph McCarthy for a while. She calls him a petty tyrant because he didn’t allow her wearing red whenever they went out, even though she looked good in red.


  • She was married several times.
  • She has invisible friends.
  • It is mentioned in Book 1, Chapter 16, that she is flirting with a young waiter.
  • As of Book 2, Chapter 1, she is no longer one of your neighbors due to Your Character moving into a new home.
  • She was featured in several movies including Four to Tango.


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