Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, New Found Glory, & More Take To The Seas


In the past few weeks, the emo-nostalgia feeding frenzy has gone into overdrive. It’s one thing to have a festival like Alabama’s Furnace Fest, which at least seems loosely tied into the idea of emo as an underground music genre with connections to hardcore and to DIY in general. But now we’re looking at massive merchandising efforts like the When We Were Young festival, a corporate affair that explicitly promotes itself as a trip back through time. Also, this fall, aging emo fans with money to blow will have another opportunity to relive their glory days, except this time they’ll get to do it while surrounded by water.

The Emo’s Not Dead Cruise is an extension of Emo’s Not Dead, a sort of branding site created by a YouTuber named Matt Cutshall, who’s been making viral emo-parody videos for a few years and who’s branched out into a clothing line. At the cruise, Cutshall will debut his new project Your Broken Hero, and he’ll

also share the bill with a bunch of the bands that he mocks. I wonder if the Emo Nite LA people are mad that they didn’t think of this first.

As Brooklyn Vegan reports, the Emo’s Not Dead Cruise has a whole lot of big names on its bill. Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, and New Found Glory will headline the bill, which is otherwise full of the kinds of bands that that would also play When We Were Young. Thursday, a beloved band that was huge in its day, is somehow not a headliner? The bill also features Plain White T’s, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, and Yellowcard’s William Ryan Key, among others. Live-band karaoke, too. Here’s Matt Cutshall’s video promoting this thing.

Can’t knock the hustle, I guess. The Emo’s Not Dead Cruise will go from Los Angeles to Mexico and back again 11/8-12.

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